Arnold Group

The Arnold Group is a German company with advanced technical knowledge in the field of power plant services, such as the repair of power plants and the isolation of gas turbines, which is partnering with the Mabna Nirou Company.


Gas Turbine Insulation

Gas turbines are an indispensable component in a wide variety of industries and industries. Their flawless and safe functioning accordingly has a decisive influence on the profitability and productivity of the operation as well as on the increasingly relevant energy efficiency. A tailor-made and optimal isolation of gas turbines can significantly reduce energy consumption and simultaneously increase turbine performance.

High-quality insulation materials

We develop far more than just individual insulation solutions for all common gas turbines. Even for larger than average models, we can guarantee rapid production of our turbine insulation thanks to innovative technical aids such as CAD systems or CAD-CAM production technologies. You can always rely on the consistent quality and perfect fit of the insulating pads and can optimize your industrial equipment so professionally.

Benefit from our quality

First-class quality is also our benchmark and top priority for gas turbine insulation. In order to deliver these at any time, all products in our in-house test bench are regularly tested and evaluated. The result and your advantage: At ARNOLD you can be sure of excellent insulation results as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources.