Engineering and construction

The filtration process in various industries depends on the type of application that is important and decisive. The proper filtration of the compressor air in the gas turbines will increase the life of the blades and prevent erosion in them. Reducing the pressure drop of the inlet hinges is another result of an adequate air filtration system that increases turbine efficiency. Increasing the useful life of turbine parts and reducing maintenance costs. Another positive effect is the use of a suitable filtration. Filtration of liquids or gases is also widely used in various industries such as power plants, refineries and petrochemicals. Based on internal power and using the knowledge of the world, Mabna Nirou Company has been designing, constructing and installing an air inlet room for gas turbines.

Turbine Inlet Air Filtration

In the field of designing the turbine entrance turbine input filter, the static method is the most common filtration procedure in advanced countries. Based on this method, air purification is performed by screening suspended particles with consideration of the particle size in different stages. Base of Mabna Nirou is ready to provide services in the field of engineering, construction and installation of intake air filtration system using static and dynamic methods.


The use of a static screening system will increase the life of the filters, while at the same time lowering the total system pressure drop, which will increase the power of the turbine. It is also possible to replace the filters (other than the last stage of the filter) without the need for turbine outage.

EPC Replacing the Air Filtration System to the Compressor Unit of Shahid Salimi Neka Power Plant (2014)

Advisor for switching the air filtration system to the two-gas compressor unit of Shahid Salimi, Neka Power Plant