Heat Insulators Compliant with the Latest Method of the World
Arnold Insulation


In order to prevent heat loss in heating systems, this company offers The single-layer thermal insulation in accordance with knowledge of the day.It can be noted this insulation can highly reduce heat loss, increasing turbine efficiency, excellent sound absorption capability of opening and closing to 20 times, resistance to water, oils and solvents by protective outer layer and High durability insulated using Glass Fiber Reinforced with stainless steel fibers.

Insulation Features

High heat dissipation, increased turbine output, high sound absorption, open and close capability, resistance to water, oil and solvent infiltration by the external protective layer (silicon fabric) and high durability of insulation using reinforced glass fiber fabrics Stainless steel threads.

Insulation Material
All materials used are Fabric and Needle Mat without asbestos and have the necessary certifications from the most reputable laboratories.
Specific features

The speed of opening and closing these insulators is very high, which is very effective in reducing the repair time.

These types of insulators can be installed on a variety of different gas and steam turbines, such as: Siemens V94.2, V94.3 SGT400, SGT600 turbines, Mitsubishi turbines and other rotary machines.

Gas Turbine Insulation Model MHI 701 D (Mitsubishi) Unit G11 Kazeroon Combined Cycle Power Plant (2018)


Insulation Unit 4 (V94.2) Parand Combined Cycle Power Plant (2018)


Insulation Unit 4 Sanandaj Combined Cycle Power Plant Units (2018)


Supply of Unit 5 (V94.2) Insulation of Parand Power Plant (2011)


Hormozgan steam turbine (2010)


Insulation project of 4 gas turbine units of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex (2009-10)


Supply and installation of isolation of 3 turbine units V94.3 of Rudshvar Power Plant (2007)