Mabna Nirou

Founded in 2002, “Mabna Nirou” has started its activities with the aim of providing various services in the field of power plant based on indigenous knowledge, along with the use of the latest methods used in the world. The series began at the beginning of the establishment in the field of surface coatings with the aim of eliminating the corrosion and abrasion problems in various industries, and then, in order to expand its activities, provided power plant services on its agenda.



Providing air intake filters for gas turbine compressors was the first company’s power plant, which was started by the company’s research and development department in the field of filtration systems engineering and, with the participation of EMW filtertechnik, Germany, began to internalize the knowledge of the design and construction of the air filtering room Input to the compressor of gas turbines used in power plants as well as the oil and gas industry of the country. The company continued to provide repair and overhaul services for gas turbines, as well as supplies of main power and power supplies. The three-dimensional thermal insulation of gas and steam turbines in 2010 with the participation of Arnold Group Germany was added to the service portfolio of the company.


Improve the quality of engineering services of the company through the use of the latest available technical knowledge and research and development activities

Completion of the supply chain and supply of products, equipment and machinery for the power industry

Maximum adaptation of the company’s activities and services to the requirements of safety and environmenta


In May 2012, Mabna Nirou purchased the management shares of Andisheh Shomal Machine Company in order to complete the cycle of supply and production of industrial filtration. Andisheh Shomal Company is one of the main producers of industrial filters in the country. After the start of their cooperation, the two companies have developed various development plans aimed at increasing the quantity and quality diversity of the products.

During its lifetime, this growing collection has been constantly increasing its quality and quantity with the goal of improving the quality of serving the power plants and satisfying its customers.

Mabna Nirou
Andishe Shomal