Since its founding, Layher has continually evolved its product family to meet the changing and increasingly complex demands of the industries its serves. As a world leader in scaffold innovation, Layher’s commitment to engineering, research and product development has brought to market many new scaffolding products that dramatically improve safety, performance and efficiency and consequently—profitability on the job.

Layher’s superior systems technology sets the bar for performance, versatility and safety—the signature 8-hole rosette, self-securing assembly, automatic right angles integral to all Layher’s modular product groups — Allround® Scaffolding, SpeedyScaf® and Protect System—enable all components to work together seamlessly and securely.

All next generation Layher products have inbuilt compatibility with existing Layher systems insuring customers can do more with their existing inventory and gain value in their investment over time.

Telescopic Stabilizer

The Layher Telescopic Stabilizer allows facade scaffolding assembly without anchoring to the facade.

Steel Toe Board

With this product innovation, Layher has banished the last wooden part from industrial scaffolding.

Star Frame

The new Layher STAR Frame increases assembly speed and ensures additional savings.