Clean Air Solution


Filtration process and systems is important and decisive in various industries depends on application. Proper air filtration of the compressor inlet gas turbines increase parts life and prevent fouling, erosion and corrosion. Reducing pressure drop is another result of proper air filtration system that increases turbine efficiency. Filtration of liquids or gases is also widely used in various industries such as power plants, refineries and petrochemicals. Mabna Nirou Company designs, manufactures and installs Filterhousing system for gas turbines. Andishe Shomal Machinery Co., as the subsidiary of the Mabna Nirou, is one of the renowned producers of industrial filters.


Andishe Shomal

Andishe Shomal Machinery Co., as a subsidiary of the company, is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial filters. By using engineering capability, company is able to design and manufacture specific filters. Andisheh Shomal offers a dedicated filtration solution for your unique needs.

Industrial Filter

GT fields, such as Cylindrical or Cylindrical-Conical air filters, variety of static filters such as pre-filters, Pocket filter and V-type filters. Also, the types of metal filters for gas, oil or gasoline are the products of this company. Hepa filters with metal frame, plastic and wood are also part of the company’s product portfolio.